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The choice of favors through My Online Wedding Help's multiple merchant partners may seem endless, but we have you covered. Find exactly what you are looking for through the price comparison and merchant search page or browse each section.


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Reception table favors for your guest should be deeply personal to you, your guests, or both. Answer the question "what has special meaning to us" and you will likely be on course to the perfect favors. Whether it's the season, your heritage, a holiday, or destination, you can find special favors to fit in.

What are your colors?

Most weddings revolve around a color or color scheme. Yours is likely no differently, so you will want favors in the same or complementary scheme. Here's a tip when searching for favors: many come in a range of colors, so if you are finding only a narrow selection, try looking for a particular type of style or design first, then choose customized favors available in your color.

what do you and your spouse love (besides each other)?

Guests get a kick out of unique gifts that reflect your personalities. You may be into certain flowers, sports, food, drinks, or hobbies. These are all candidates as themes for your reception favors.

is your budget on a budget? Try DIY or Lower priced favors

There are many, many options for the low budget wedding. Some favors, for example, are under $2 each (many under $1). Another option is to buy bags or boxes and loose candy or other fillers and make your own. Whatever you have budgeted, remember it's the experience and what you put into it that counts, not the amount of money you spend. Sitting around a table making favors with family and friends is a memory you will cherish!


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